after my next nap

Normally I work on the content for the blog on my weekends when I have time off from my DayJob. This weekend, I had big things planned, some photos, a new video and some links to other blogs. But, I’ve been sick. Not like run down blowig nose sick, but fever of 103, a trip to the ER and medication sick.

I have…..
Drumroll please…..
The flu.

Yeah. Holy &*^^&%%#$$#@ Sh!T this stuff sucks. I’m never that sick. I haven’t had a fever since I was in high school, and I’ve only had a bad enough cold to have missed work a couple of times, but this me, let me tell you, is completely kicking my ass. Usual course of my cold: Feel minorly sick for a day, treat it with Vitamin C etc…, Come home for weekend, sleep, and then get up Sunday and feel sniffly but otherwise okay and back to work on Monday.

This time, feel sick on Thursday, treat it with Vit C, Go to work Friday feel like ass, Get sent home early by boss, come home and promptly fall asleep on couch. Feel feverish, sweating and alternating with chills. Head to Walgreens, pick up $80 in OTC medication (thank god for the bene card), go home, take OTC meds. Pass out again. C gets home, packs me off to bed. C’s Dad comes to visit next AM. I am still asleep. I think I’ve been to the bathroom a couple of times but I can’t be sure. I awake at noon. (let that sink in- NOON. I’m normally up by 8 or 9 on weekends.) I wander about the house, and then lay down on the couch where I pass out again.

At this point I’m aware I have a temperature, so I grab the thermometer out of the cabinet. It tastes funny and won’t read my temp. I think I’m on crack, but thank god it’s mercury free; the bulb is broken. So I pass out again. C comes home, feels my head and is convinced I have a fever, I say I’m fine and she goes out to purchase a thermometer. C knows the way to my heart and buys a digital one- a sure way to get me to use anything I don’t want is to make it a gadget. I use it. First reading 103.6, no wonder I’m flushed and I feel like butt. Between bouts of being passed out and sort of conciousness I take my temp (see gadgetry works) and it hovers between 101.6 and 103 all evening.

The next day C goes to work, I stay asleep until, again noon, at which point I’m feeling better, still sniffly but not feverish. I take my temp- 99.2 when I take it again a few hours later i’m in the normal range. I’m still hacking and sniffling but over all a lot better. I know I’m not making the party I’m supposed to go to that night but at least I’m not sweating anymore.

Only wait, 3pm rolls around and I feel cold and the sweating starts up again. Fevers back. It hovers around 100 and 101 for a few hours I let C rest for a bit then I wake her and tell her were going to the ER. After an hour and a half we leave, having been diagnosed with the flu, given a back up script of antibiotics, told to use afrin and tylenol. I ask for a note for Monday, DR looks at me funny and says,"Just one day?" I reply sure, I’ll be fine. He kind of smiles and walks off. Clearly he knew something I didn’t, here it is Tuesday AM and I still feel like hammered dog butt. I had planned on making it in to work but it ain’t going to happen. So now I’m waiting to call my boss and inform her of my status.

So after that involved story you now know why I haven’t updated anything on this blog, added any new books, made anything new or done anything, I’ve been passed out on my couch for, well, 3 days. I’ve been telling myself that my immune system has been given a hearty work out and that the next bug that comes around will have it’s ass kicked like Tito Ortiz in the ring with Chuck Lidell. Right after I wake up from my next nap.

(On the plus side if there is one, I caught up on 2 seasons of No Reservations; saw many episodes of  Law & Order and 2 season’s of another show that is escaping me now.)