Hump Day Prompt #7, #8 & #9: Collage

The prompt is open ended and deals only with the
material, subject and content are up to you, but the
material is dictated.

Another great thing to use that is not so much a supply but
a something special is to use collage in your journals. Pictures from magazine,
pages from books, scraps of newspaper or bits of colored craft papers; all can
add a lot of texture to your pages and make it more interesting to journal in.
There are 2 fantastic products for gluing bits and pieces to your pages-
ModgePodge or Acrylic Medium. I’ve got both and both work great. You can also use white glue. It will yellow with age, but I’m not concerned with my materials being archival, I’m making them for me. Both are also
excellent for sealing pages.

Prompt # 7 Add collage to a page.

Prompt #8 Add journaling over the collage.

Prompt #9 Add collage over a journaled page.

Leave a comment with a link to your blog with pictures of what you’ve done!