shear doodles

A little studio update here:

The paper shear continues to be a source of happiness and
amazement as aI wonder why I didn’t just pony up the bash I needed to get it
before now. Seriously if there are any book artists reading this thinking of a
new item to get for your studios, I’d recommend that you put a paper shear to
the top of the list. I got mine on eBay for a little over $200, shipping
included, it will cut 12 inch high pieces of paper and a stack 2 inches high.
And it will cut that stack of 300 or so sheets in 2 seconds. Literally taking
the time it used to take me to cut my books and laughing at it.  Seriously I made something like 20 sets of
jotters one weekend in the time it would have taken me to make 5 or sets in the
past.  The best part about it? The cuts
are perfect, square and the books are better because of it all.

I had a bunch of meetings for work last week and spent a lot
of time doodling. Yesterday when I was back in my own office I rehashed in my
notebooks everything that we had learned about, some of it was already review
for me, but I found that I retained a lot of the info though I had not strictly
taken notes, but paid attention while doodling. I’ve always been a doodler and
meeting sketcher and my anecdotal evidence suggesting that I learn well if not
better while doodling is now supported by research. Anyway I got some cool pen
sketches of my coworkers and some neat-o doodles. I’ll have to try it out

So on my etsy site I’ve got some great deals. I’ve got my
destash sale going on, rock bottom prices on some stuff I’ve had but never
listed or stuff I listed and never sold or re-listed.  I’ve also got some new large sign vinyl
sketchbook and journals, large jotters and lots of pocket sized jotters. All
have new lower prices due to the economy, the shear and because I can!

Anyway, check out the etsy site and doodle!