Studio Update

In more studio news, I'm offering
repeat buyer discounts. This has often been asked for and I've never
been able to coordinate it but now I am able to do so.

So in each batch of orders sent out
there will be a business card with a label on the back with a
reordering code for 10% off an order. All you'll need to do is enter
the discount code in the buyer's notes on etsy, pay, and then I'll
refund the 10% through paypal. It's fast and easy.

I'm pretty excited about that. I'm also
really excited about eh larger jotters. They measure 5.5xX 6.25 high,
just like the larger moleskines. I find them the perfect size, they
also have JUST enough pages for about a month's worth of journaling.
I'm considering making slipcases for a years worth of them! How cool
would that be!