The Destashing Begins and some other random stuff

Alrighty! The de-stashing has begun!

I've got 4 items up right now that I'm
listing as a de-stash sale, prices are rock bottom to move them out
of my storage. Got to move them, I need room for all my new recycled
items. I'm stitching up new big 240 page notebooks with recycled sign
covers and hemp stitching. As they are bigger they need more room.
Also the larger size of jotters takes up quite a bit of room too.

Also going through and working on the
older stuff gives me ideas for newer items. Exciting.

Another exciting thing is that there is
another Etsy seller out there who likes my books enough and is making
another style of cover. The appeal is for a totally different set of
people than GoodKarma's covers and the cover is totally different in
style. I'll post more about the covers when I get a cover in my

Let me give Bren of GoodKarma a little
shout out here. Her work rocks. I'm absolutely abusive to my notebooks,
wallets and other items. The wallet organizer that she made still
looks wonderful and is standing up to my abuse. When I was first
starting to make books, before I would sell a new design it had to
stand up to a month in my bag, that is how hard I am on my books. The wallet organizer has done that and more. So check her work out, she
makes a stunning all cotton covers that perfectly fits moleskine
cahiers or my jotters.