Miss-tagged and Miscategorized Items on Etsy

So I've got my panties all u p in a bunch.

I was on etsy and looking for some cool zines to read. Well when I searched for "zine" etsy brought up all this garbage that wasn't a zine. But it was all tagged"zine." It's clear in etsy policy that if something is miss tagged it should be removed or the tag should be removed. I've reported items before and nothing happened. Perhaps it takes more than one person or report? I don't know but I do know that I'm really tired of people tagging their cards, book marks and other items "recycled" or as a "journal" when it clearly isn't.

So I suggest that this weekend 5/30 through 5/31 that we as etsy sellers and buyers flag everything we come upon as miscategorized if it is, and check those tags and flag them if they are miss-taggeed.

I have tweeted this and hope to see other people onboard.

Regardless of involvement, I WILL be flagging items that are categorized and tagged incorrectly. REmember that every person who goes toetsy and searches for an item and gets a whole bunch of items that are labeled impreoperly that puts each one of us who DO label correctly at a disadvantage- and puts our potential buyers off. A difficult serarch makes everyone less likely to buy in these difficult economic times.