updates and stuff, new ArtFire account

Holy moley! It's been awhile. I've been having god awful allergy issues the last few weeks, as we've had the worst tree pollen season in years here in Mass. It's knocked me for a loop. My allergies aren't that bad, usually but this year I've been virtually immobole. Tree pollen season is here for a few more weeks, so I can expect to feel pretty crappy for another couple of weeks. Blargh.

Good news though. I've been working on my hedgehog (moleskine style) notebooks I"ve got 10 in the press right now drying. Tomorrow night I might be able to get the elastics on them and hopefully listed this weekend. IK've got 8 with leather covers and 2 with handmade paper hardcovers. The paper shear really makes creating them a lot easier. I managed to crack the base of my press the other day and will need to repair it this weekend. It won't be hard just time consuming.

Other good news! I started an ArtFire account and I've got the items listed @10% off for the first month of sales. Right now I've got a stack of lined jotters listed but will list more as time goes on. I'll list a few of my hedgehog (moleskine style) notebooks when I finish them this weekend. Find the link on the right of my page that should take you directly to my artfire account!

I have the guts of many more hedgehogs ready to go too. I need to get stitching. The rest of this week is supposed to be rainy so I guess I know what i'll be doing!

I'm also on twitter! You can follow me @Lessherger be prepared though, i use it to soupt off and occasionally put up discount codes for etsy. Also I'm on facebook! You can be a fan of Comfortable Shoes Studio or friend me. Again I'll be putting discount codes up on the  the various sites and announcing sales and what not.