Things kids today will never know about

This article from had me thinking.I has nothing to do with books or journaling, but it made me thing so I'm posting it here, because it could be a good thing to spark some great memories for journaling purposes.

It made me think of the first time we popped in a VHS tape and watched a movie and on Christmas eve when we hooked up the NES for the first time and my brothers, Dad and I stayed up ALL night playing super Mario Brothers and swapping games with our friends; thought of an age before the internet and programing basic in DOS on an Applie IIe in the sweltering heat of our upstairs office. It made me think of my Dad's first CD player, a realistic that was the size of a DVD play is now, and the great pains we took to put it in the car, in a foam cradle so it wouldn't skip; and how it always did. It made me think of my first CD player and my first CD (Pixies Trompe le Monde) and listening to it for hours.

Anyway, what does this article bring to your mind? Journal it.