Polaroid PoGo Photo Printer

I did a little experimentation with my Christmas gift last night… Don't ask,it's a long story. Lets just say I get about half my gifts early.

Anyway. The Polaroid Pogo is a sweet travel sized printer that spits out 2×3 inch photos on polaroids Zink paper. I'm not going to pretend to know how the technology works i just think it's cool. It spits out the little photos in less than a minute and right onto sticker paper.

I found the colors to be pretty right on with my monitor and accurate to the original work. The pic was clear and crisp with good color saturation. The size is perfect for my uses. I tend to work smaller anyway so the 2×3 size is just right for me to take pics and add them to my work.

So the next thing was to test the image out with some of the media I use. There was no reaction with gesso, colored pencil or ink pen. It did react with my favorite medium acrylic varnish, any areas touched by the varnish turned a little purple red. The image stayed clear but the color changed. Spray inks did not react in the location of the ink. But when I brushed straight alcohol onto the image it lightened it, a lot, instant fade…. which could be a very interest tool.

I did not consider this as part of my experiment but it ended up being. One of favorite tools in the world- my heat gun when left on an area too long turned it green and obliterated the image. So drying paint around the images will have to be done with extreme caution.

The images are small but not so small that you can't see whats in them. I was able to crop an image, load it to my camera and print it with ease. I have bluetooth on my computer but have yet to figure out how to get my computer to find the little printer. I suspect when I do it will open up a world of possibilities.

I suspect that battery life will be shorter than one might like as I printer 3 pics with it last night and this AM the battery indicator was on yellow, indicating it needed a charge. 

I've found out that radioshack has the Pogo on sale for $29.99 and 80 packs of paper for $9.99. Both are a very good deal, the best I've seen on the pogo just about anywhere. (Thanks Barb of http://craft-therapy.blogspot.com/ for pointing this out) You can save yourselves a lot of money by buying on sale.

The one major drawback that I see to the pogo is it's HUGE power cord, seriously massive, it's about the same size as the cord for my laptop. I suspect they could have made it quite a bit smaller. oh well.

Welcome to the new digital world of Polaroids. Wish they'd made them the same size and shape as the only ones….