The Unveiling

I've been tweeting now for months about a ning account where my vision of a place where a variety of people, not just  myself, can teach classes. Its this vision I have. You give a class for free and then you can do a paid class. In my mind it's amazing, this community of artists and crafts people focusing on art journaling. Bringing people up to excel in the art. It's so amazing I can't imagine it even working out. But I know it can. I look at the other Ning groups out there and it makes me say I can do this too.

The Art Journaling Ning site, with it's scaffolding of construction still up, is live. Currently there is but one class up, the junk journaling 101 class. All the videos for that class are in one easy place to find. I'll add a materials list when I get settled this weekend. And you know what, I really like the idea of this. I see it as the future. Will I be able to quit my day job doing this? Not yet but maybe. I'll be putting a lot of work into this site over the next few weeks and weekends. Hopefully in a month or so I'll get my first paid class to go up- a beginners binding course. 

I'll give you this though, I used to think that Typepad was hard to use (before their most recent updates) but Ning is about he most obtuse and annoying setup, really not user friendly at all.  The initial set up is a pain in the rear, however the individual course/ workshop is easy to set up!

I can't wait to get this thing really rolling. Feel free to head over to the Art Journaling Ning and sign up for an account poke around and suggest some classes. Are you interested in teaching some classes? Send me a Ning message and I'll work on setting it up for you!