The Prizes for the Moleskine Give Away

*Drum roll please*




For Prize #3  Susan C Brown won with this comment:

I've just started using Moleskines for project journals– a single
place to keep ideas for a particular longish-term project. They're
portable, don't take up much room wherever they're stored, and
generally are helping me keep my thoughts together. I'd love to win a
new one!

For Prize #2 John won with this comment:

I'll admit it, I'm a geek, and I use digital calendars, task lists,
reminders, etc., and I sync my phone with my desktop computer so I have
all this stuff everywhere. But, about five years ago, I accidentally
picked up a Moleskine journal in a bookstore, and I've been using these
addictive blank books ever since. I carry my Moleskine (I use a large,
lined journal) everywhere I go and constantly enter things that range
from diary-like entries to (bad) sketches of things I see, to comments
on food, wine, beer, artwork…whatever. I find that re-reading my
Moleskine entries from a while back sometimes inspires me to revisit an
idea that got back-burnered but now seems worthwhile again. I can't
imagine getting the same satisfaction from a digital device.

And finally for big prize #1 Apple won with this entry:

That is awesome stuff to win!! Thanks for having a giveaway. I love
Moleskine notebooks. I feel that they are too expensive for me to buy
all the time, but every once and a while I will treat myself. 🙂

Everything should ship out on Monday.