Video Editing Software and Ning

So Ive outgrown Windoze MovieMaker. Actually I had always thought it sucked giant hairy dust bunnies but it wouldn't let me edit into the format that I wanted for the classes. So I'm looking for something new. I first headed over to cnet  read some reviews on video editing software. I was surprised that the corel video studio was higher rated than the adobe software. Mostly becuase of the crashing issues. In their review they said that the Corel was slow, but I'm not noticing that at all. If anything now that I've learned how to use it, it's much faster than MovieMaker.

The other software I'm going to try out is the Adobe video editing software. The only issue with it is that if you don't buy it, the trial version put a watermark on the final video. 

I've tried a few others, what have you tried?

(Also check out the video about the Ning group below!)