Make Your Own Journal for Beginner’s

I'm opening up enrollment in my beginners Make Your Own Journal workshop again with a few key changes.

First big change, the content will remain online for the foreseeable future. As i"m paying for blips service anyway, I may as well leave the videos up for as long as possible. Meaning there will be no pressure for people to finish so you can now work at your own pace. I'll have the videos up in 2 formats to try and keep the instructions open for all.

Second big change. I've kept it modeled after a 3 week course with the 3rd week's material leaving you with more information to think about and hopefully inspire you to thinking more about the process of making your own journal and looking at more THINGS to make books with.

All current members will remain members!

I won't be doing chats associated with this workshop any longer. But the Chatzy chatroom will remain active and thus all chat material will remain visible. I may download the chat and turn it into a PDF in the future but for now I don't have time to do that.

The new workshop fee will be $25. If you took the course and loved it tell people about it and turn them on to the ancient art of binding books. I believe that with the basic skills learned in this workshop you can begin a long journey into the wonderful art of books. I'll post a page ASAP with a paypal link tomorrow AM to get the new member's going.

If you haven't been to the site you have to go over there and check it out. We're nearly 190 member's strong there are some amazing discussions started, with pages and pages of fantastic conversation and some of the hottest art journaling pR0n I've ever seen, and by that I mean some really great work by the members not actual pR0n.