make your own journal is OPEN again!

If you are interested in taking the Beginner's Make Your own Journal workshop read on, if you are ever looking for a repeat of this post, it will live permanently on my sidebar under "pages."

I'm opening registration for the first in a series of bookbinding
classes. It's called Make Your Own Journal: For Beginners to
Bookbinding. It's a 3 week, 15 video class that will teach you 3
different styles of single signature books. We'll also discuss cover
materials and collage covers together that will be sturdy enough to
stand up to whatever you throw at it. These will be soft but stiff
If you are interested you can paypal the $25 course fee below:

I'll discuss all about the materials you'll need to make books at
home, and some items that you may already have that you can adapt to
bookbinding. I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can make books on
a shoestring budget. We'll discuss measurements and folding paper, and
talk about paper grain. then we'll start things off with a pamphlet
stitch, the oldest and easiest stitch. Then we'll do the machine-style
stitch. We'll finish off with the figure 8 stitch and a discussion of
how you can make patterns on your spine. There are have several PDF available further explaining the videos and topics discussed.

To take part in this workshop you'll need to be a member of the site. After you pay via paypal
and you'll get 2 passwords emailed to your PAYPAL email address. Please include your Ning ID in all correspondence. Instructions will be emailed to your PAYPAL email address after payment is completed. So, please, keep an eye on that email account. It may take me a few days to get everything
emailed out so be patient.