Fear and Permission to Create link love

Last week I wrote this post about fear and being a closeted creator/artist. My point was that it's okay to create in a closet until you feel comfortable enough to share with people. WE all have our own time line in which we become comfortable to talk to our friends and family about art and our creativity. You'll find your time and place. Eventually your friends and family will look at you as that person who always has a journal on them.

Michael Nobbs recently wrote a post about how Danny Gregory's book the Creative License was all about giving the reader permission to add art and drawing to their lives. His post is great and everyone should go and read it.

Connie of DirtFootPrintsStudio.com recently wrote this post about investing in  herself. It's a powerful honest post about what weighs you down, not just the fat, but the poor choices we all make that slow us from our purposes in life. She pushes you to look at what your choices are and how to make time for the stuff that matters. What matters to you? How and when do you wish to invest in yourself. There were  times when I might come off and say that this is new age-y metaphysical bullshit, but Connie has a point here, and it's a point that I've been trying to come to across the last few years. And its that if something matters to you,  you'll find time to do it, be it  art, your health, your family whatever it is you'll make time to make it real. You'll embrace it in your life and find a way to make it happen. Check out her other belly love posts, truly a powerful message.