Technique Tuesday: From the Vault 2005

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This is a pretty simple page in an old art journal. The paper is strathmore cold pressed 140lb watercolor paper stitched into a leather cover.

On the left hand page I glued down a scrap of art paper, it's the orange triangular piece on the top of that page. I wrote on top of it with a waterproof fabercastell pitt pen in black. I wrote around it with the  same pen. After the pen was full dry I washed over the top with some transparent watercolors. I didn't like the color so I added some watercolor crayons to intensify the colors.

At this time of my life I was writing brief little nuggets about my day. I'd write a couple of sentences and then turn the page, or block it off. After the page had dried I again added watercolors to add the color to the page.

On the right side I was dealing with some intense personal stuff that I didn't want that person to read with ease as I worked on the page in the common area of our apartment, so I darkened the page with a wash of black watercolor crayon.

I used Leeho 2 way glue to hold the paper to the page.