Twitter Hand Experiment Part 3

I had a very long week at the DayJob. (I mean that in the best possible way lots of good stuff, but very tiring.) Sp my usual Friday routine is to come home, change into arting clothing and get to work at my easel. I started out but right after the first drawing I knew I needed a nap. So I hunkered down and crash for an hour or 2. Honestly I was never able to get into the groove for a significant amount of time.

I sat at my easel filled a page and got up. Normally I'm able to sit back down and get right back to it. You can see in my drawings how on each page I start out rough and work my way to the groove again and again.

To say the least it was frustrating, but I hope that this is not a pattern of events that will occur every week. I'm alright with taking a nap but not the never getting into a groove

The pics: