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Part of what I really like about my current sketchbook/journal are the edges of where the layers of paint are visible. I really wanted to capture that on some wood panels for finished pieces of art.

I started with some gesso board panels, these are used for painting or making scratchboard. I'm painting on them. I have both lightly textured and smooth. They are 5×7 in size.

I started by randomly laying down red, yellow and dark green paints. I let this dry and then I put a VERY thin coat of gesso over the whole thing. I let that dry and I began with the layers of color. My goal was to get the edges uneven and layered looking like in my sketchbook. I used lots of colors and layers to get the look. 



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  • IMG_2300
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At the last layer of color I scraped some white paint over the center of the panel, so that the magenta paint would show through the layers of gesso. I then used my ROUGH brush to scrub the magenta on to the panel.


The final step was to  put 2 rough thin layers of gesso onto the panel.  First with the brush strokes left to right, the second with strokes top to bottom. The final very thin layer was left to right and brushed on softly with minimal brush strokes. I brushed to the edge of the panel with dry brush strokes.


  • IMG_2307
  • IMG_2308
  • IMG_2309


Here's what the  final panels look like. They will be ready for some portraits in a few hours. The layers of paint need time to harden before I hit them with a pencil. Check out the edges on these, I'm pretty happy with how they came out. THOUGH I htink this effect would be easier with some larger panels. I looked to buy a few 3 packs but ACMoore doesn't carry the gesso board anymore, so I'll be looking at Michael's the next time I get a 40% off coupon. I also looked at Home Depot to see if they carried the small masonite/hardboard panels like they used to and I couldn't find anything but the 4×8 foot panels.

I swear the colors on these are much more intense in person.