So  a couple of summers ago I was bit by a spider in my studio. THe reaction was severe, my leg was swollen and painful. It went away in a day or two and I didn't think much more of it. I was bit on the arm the following summer and the reaction was worse.

Since then my reactions to things like stings have been by far worse than before. I've always had a strong reaction to mosquito bites but it's been worse lately.

Yesterday I was bit by a mosquito around noon. By 3pm when I left my hand was quite swollen. I got home popped some benedryl and put some ice on it. By the time my UStream started it was even more swollen. I did the stream anyway. I fully expected it to be normal in the AM. It wasn't I went to work anyway and my boss was a little worried when she saw my hand.

I managed to see my DR, I'm on mild steroids for the inflammation, antihistamines for the allergic reaction and now I get to carry an epipen with me, just in case I get stung and my throat closes up.

Yeah so I've had an interesting day thus far. It can only get better from here.