Being Online

I post a lot; here as well as twitter and facebook. I've been blogging in some manner for many years. I think I created my first LJ account back in 2000. I started to seriously blog in 2002. So I've been doing this for about 8 years now. I used to blog more about my personal life but quickly migrated over to bookbinding and art. By the time I got to twitter and facebook I was old hat with commenting. I have a rule, if it's positive or negative and on topic it stays on my blog. If it's spam, hate speech or pointless I remove it.

I've developed a thick skin as I've pretty much seen it all, from hate speeches about my sexuality  to the positive fangirls who love my work. I look at the stuff I post online as the start to a conversation. I live for the comments and especially love those that spark conversations. That means that I am doing something right. this in which I write is an interactive medium. Unlike my art, which is interactive in looking, what I post here begs you to comment and then next person to do the same. When I load an image of my work here I want that conversation. The same with my videos

Conversation is the essence of learning. I've learned so much from people that ask questions, give advice and are willing to communicate with me on any level. Life is about learning and I'll soak up knowledge from just about anywhere.