Over the years I’ve had a lot of people tell me horror stories about their art classes in both grade school and high school. Due to these experiences, such as an art teacher tearing up a kid’s art in front of the whole class, many quit taking art, though they have a love for it.

I decided that I’d create an online art class that was kinder and gentler. Obviously you won’t need to do a public critique like you would in a live class.  I’m focusing on the basics, but explaining every step. I’ll tell you why I’m showing you everything.  I was never the kind of teacher to poke fun at  my students but I’ve designed a gentle approach to this class.

I’m using PDFs with clear instructions, sharp photos as well as live UStream videos. Using UStream allows me to record up to 3 hours of video and save it for you to peruse as you wish. It allows me to interact with you live..

Taking this class will teach you better how to use a pencil to create an image in your art journal. I’ll answer questions about other media if asked. I’ll be a resource to you while you take this class.

Check out the class supply list and a more detailed description here.