Process of Art

Though I had my pochade box at the ready for my trip to Maine, in absence of the other things I needed to get ready. I spent no time in Maine painting. I’m regretting that now, but the reality of it is that what I really needed was to relax and not think for a few days.

Sometimes I make art on auto pilot and sometimes it involves a lot of thinking on my part. Sometimes I just don’t feel it. I know that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. During my time in Maine, though my pochade never left my trunk, it was at ready in a moment’s notice, I just didn’t feel it.

Instead of my intended 4 days of arting, I kicked back, relaxed and spent a lot of time talking to my family. It’s not often I get to see both of my brothers, my Grandmother as well as my parents when I visit, so it was especially nice to see them all.

So today amid the mix of household chores that need completing I plan on getting back into the process of art. I’m going to start right now, my pochade box is still at the ready. I’m going to head outside to the patio with my coffee and paint some cloud portraits. Care to join me?