Paintings now for sale

So my inner critic has been harping on me about the sky studies I've been doing. I am in love with doing those and the face experiment paintings. Love love love them. There is something about staring at the sky and painting nothing but it. I love the sky. Love the colors in it, the bright oranges, bright pinks, intense yellows, deep purples and shades of blue. It’s amazing to me.

I got the mail when the sky was setting and the front of my house faces due west. I stepped outside to the most amazing orange and pink glow I’ve ever seen. I vowed that I’d start painting the sky as it set and rose. It took me awhile but I’ve started.

I’ve been posting some of the images to flickr. But I decided to post the little skyscapes to my Artfire account. They each measure about 5×7 inches and are on either Fabriano Artistico 140lb watercolor paper or Stonehenge 140lb 100% cotton printmaking paper. I’m putting them up for $15 each and $5 shipping. I’ll combine shipping on multiple purchases. (These would look fantastic matted and framed 3 to a group.)

As I listed them my inner critic said, “Don’t do it! They’ll never sell. They are just studies. It’s junk.” I figured eff him, I’m putting them up and I’ll let people decide what they like, not my critic.

You can find my artfire studio here and the art section here. Go have a look and tell me what you think.