Weeks like these

This last week has been a trial for me and I can't go into it much here but the DayJob has been giving me fits. I haven't done much art. The posts I've been pecking out here have been the most of what I've done. Not to say that writting is nothing but it's not the same as picking up a pencil or brush.

I've not been sleeping well. I go throguh times like these where I simply can't sleep. I try everything, and I do mean everything to sleep. I cut caffeine out. I cut HFCS out. I eat earilier in the day. I try not to nap. I take benedryl to knock me out. I try other assorted things to burn off the excess energy. And it doesn't go away.

It gets to be a terrible cycle. Eventually I give up on the no naps rule and sleep because I can. then I can't sleep at night. Then I take benedryl and my dreams wake me up. Or the slightest noise wakes me.

Eventually It gets to be friday and I've gone through a cycle of crappy days at work where I'm dead tired, can't focus and get less done than I would like and I can't get stuff done at home because I can't think because I'm so tired.

And now all I want is to sleep. Hopefully without the impending doom of going to work I can get a decent nuight of sleep. Also please note it's not 90 degrees with 60% humidity tonight.