Addicted to inks

I have a love of expensive writing instruments. I have since I purchases my fist 0.01 rapidograph my first year of high school. It cost me $30 and my parents were horrified that I’d purchased such an expensive drawing tool. I loved it until I destroyed it in college. Let’s not discuss that I’m still upset.

I know that my love of expensive writing instruments is trite and that EVERY artist under the sun loves a good drawing tool the way I do, it’s a universal love.

I also love good ink. I have jars of Higgins, various sumi inks, colored inks and I lust after the DR PH Martin’s set of color inks and liquid watercolors. Yet, I’m nearly ashamed to admit I have just added to my ink stable my first bottle of Noodler’s Ink, bulletproof Black. Seriously where have I been? I have known about Noodler’s for years. It’s made here in the US, one of the few inks that is permanent on cellulose and writes so smooth it’s not funny.

I have sitting on my desk a 3oz bottle of jet black permanent fade proof ink. I can’t wait to ink up my entire set of Rapidographs*, my 2 Rotring 700’s, my Vintage Pelikan GO pen and many others will get inked up with my new bottle of noodler’s.  I’m excited about the possibilities of the rotrings being inked up with the platinum preppy pen hack mentioned here. I’ve go the waterproof grease and a needle on order…

I wonder if ordering a syringe (with needle) online got me put on any government watch lists or if the Beverly Police will be knocking on my door looking for my stash… I’ll gladly show them to my new bottle of Noodler’s. They can look but if they confiscate it I’ll raise hell.

*A true joy of being gainfully employed is being able to afford with a Michael's coupon the set of 4 Rapidograph craft pens. They are truly wonderfulfor drawing and I can recomend them whole heartedly. Destroying a pen in college really taught me how htey work. I can strip the rapidographs down in no time and clean and fill them in little more. Amazing pens.