Art Field Trip- deCordova

I’m about to head to bed but I need to tell you about my art field trip to the deCordova museum in Lincoln, MA. My friend Jane and I have been scheduling art field trips here and there throughout the area. I’m advertising the days on ArtJournaling Ning, so if you want an excuse to go out and sketch and experience art, feel free to join us or schedule an art field trip in your area! Tell me about it so we can schedule an event on AJ Ning.

This week we decided to go to the deCordova. 2 weeks previous we’d gone to Salem Common. The deCordova is a sculpture park and museum. They offer classes, which I find a little on the pricey side but I’ve heard they are very good.

Cost for adults is $12, there are various discounts if you’re a card holder of various and assorted things, like AAA. If you are a college student admission is only $8. A year membership is $60 and if you plan on going more than 5 times, obviously is a good deal. Admission on Mondays is free.

There’s a lot to see and many of the sculptures are on loan to the museum for extended periods of time. There is a lot to see. There are around 60 sculptures within the grounds and around the building.  Some are mind boggling and ridiculously cool. One that I always like to see is Jim Dine “Two Big Black Hearts.” These 2 giant bronze hearts stand 12 feet high. Monstrously large and intensely cool.  You can call a number to listen to Dine talk about the piece.

There’s a lot to see and do. The store also houses a small 2d art gallery. They also on select dates have artists come in and give talks. The artist talks are included with the cost of admission and they fill fast.

A side note, it’s good to bring a picnic lunch with you as the food sells out of the café quickly. Don’t expect to get a sandwich or a soda after 1pm.

I’ve been to the deCordova in the past, when it was free to wander the park. You now get charged for both the park and the museum. This is good because I actually went into the museum this time and it was amazing. They have some extraordinary exhibits going on and were well worth the $10 I spent on admission. (AAA member.)

In short I can’t recommend the place enough. It’s full of visually interesting things, would be a great place to take a date and is a great place to vegitate.