Wordy Weekender: Circle the Wagons

As many of you may know my blog was trolled last night due to a blog post I wrote about trollz. My point was immediately made and I really feel I don’t have a lot more to add to the conversation. Read it and you’ll understand what today is about.

Today it’s time for the art journaling community (and anyone else) to circle the wagons around the campfire, put on some good eats, and a pot of coffee and talk about love, forgiveness and community.

If you would like to contribute a design to the cause, let me know and I’ll load the image up to zazzle and you’ll be able to buy a shirt with your design on it. I’m going to play around with some sketches and upload some images. The consensus seems to be that we should go with pink butterflies on chocolate brown.

There will be a stream-a-thon as well. If you are planning on streaming today; post a link and time in the comments so everyone knows when you’ll be streaming. I’m flexible in when I stream but I’ll stream after 2pm.

 (For peolpe interested in zazzle, the image needs to be 150ppi, and for a small image 600x600pixels wide, if interested in other sizes, or a full image on a shirt message me and I'll get you the zazzle info.)