Wordy Weekender: The BoobTube

I gave up watching TV over a year ago. I started to watch a few things on Hulu, here and there with sporadic intervals of watching everything at once. About 3 months ago I hadn’t watched anything for close to 3 months. I sat down with a hot cup of tea, my lap top and pulled up my queue in Hulu. I had a serious bunch of Sons of Anarchy. I really enjoyed the last few seasons and the first few episodes of this season. Anyway. I watched on episode and I found myself getting up  and doing stuff I like I do with movies I don’t get into. Then a really violent scene came up that involved some torture and I realized I couldn’t watch it.

I turned it off. The violence turned me off. I had no interest in watching it at all.

I deleted it from my queue. I haven’t looked back. I realize I prefer comedies, light hearted stuff, and adventure. I really enjoy shows like Warehouse 13, quirky and funny it explores mythical stuff from history and literature in an intelligent way.

Since I’ve turned off the TV I find myself more open to ideas and thought and the real world inspires me more.

Without TV my world is a little brighter. I’m so glad we turned off the “boob tube.”