It's been gray and dismal here for almost a week and it's predicted that we'll get more rain next week. Yawn. The weather makes me want to crawl back into bed and snooze. So far we've had less sun this spring than we did in February.

I've been working though. I'm doing a review, tomorrow, on Liquitex Coarse Texture Gel and in a week I'm doing one on Golden Coarse Pumice Gel. Good stuff, adds a whole new layer of texture to a page or in this case a cover.

I'm also working on a technique tuesday where I alter a cover with modeling paste and build up layers of glaze to create an antique beat up looking cover. I've done one cover already and I'm pretty pleased with it. It's one way to take a boring composition book and make it super cool. The great thing about it is how cool it feels, smooth but rough. The other texture  pastes and gels are the same way they feel really cool.

I can't wait to show some of the stuff I'm working on.

Also I'd like to ask who I pay off to get a little sun. I could really use some.