More Moleskine Stuff

Someone just posted the video below to their FB profile. I watched it as I’ve been watching all the developments of the new moleskine items. A line of pens and pencils was, to me, a natural development and compliment to their line of notebooks. It made sense to me that they would offer something for you to use to write in your notebook. At first I thought that a series of bags didn’t make sense, but let’s face it, how many of us carry our tiny little notebooks in our back pants pocket?

I went so far as to design and make my own bag out of recycled tyvek mailers. (Which is still going strong after almost 6 months of continuous use!) So perhaps making notebooks leads to making bags? I’ve had this feeling while I’ve been watching the launch of the new moleskine products that they’ve “jumped the shark.” I really like the moleskine and the ideas of the moleskine- stiff black cover, elastic closure, sturdy stitching etc… But to me I really wish they’d focus on some quality control of their paper. Sometimes I get a notebook that handles my fountain pens wonderfully and other times I get one that cannot handle the ink without feathering and bleeding all over the place. Occasionally the spine falls apart or something happens that is not satisfactory. Get product #1 right before moving onto product #2.

I should probably try out the moleskine watercolor notebook and see if I like it.

Anyway, here is the moleskine video: