Wordy Wednesday: I Need Another Day

I'm having one of those mornings where I think I shoudl have a whole lot more to say about stuff but I don't. Yesterday was hot and humid and I spent the day at the Peabody Essex Museum with Christie looking at art and crafts from around the world. We ate good food at one of our favorite places. I bought boots with arch support so that when I go walking my feet won't feel like someone smashed them with a hammer also so that if I go into some lesser explored places and step on glass it won't slice through the sole of my shoes.

I planted a white currant bush my father gave me. It looks good. My yard is a field of dandelions. To make my neighbors happy I'm going to spray but I'mnot happy about it. I wisht he grubs would eat dandelions instead of the grass but they only seem to like the grass that grows in the yard. Go figure. Everyone else around here chemlawns and thus our yard is a haven for bugs. If everyone quit chemlawning it would help. Or at least cut back on how often they chemlawn…

Have I mentioned I'm not quite ready to go back to work after my four day weekend? Yeah.