Wordy Friday: Riding This Bus

I don't read a lot of blogs as religiously as I read Connie, Paul, and Lisa's. Why? Well, they post a lot of eye candy photos and words that I find relevant to my life, you know stuff that makes me think.

Thinking is good.

Connie recently posted this little ditty.

It made me think.

In some spots I disagree and others I agree.

I look at my time as the most precious thing, well, ever. I don't have a lot of it. I've only got this one life. I've only got the time that has been allotted to me. When people come at me with hate and anger I choose to ignore them and shut them out.

I have learned to make liberal use of gmail's block function and the IP address blocking ability of typepad.

People who send me hate filled rants via email want to waste my time. I've learned the hard way that giving them attention simply feeds the beast and distracts from things that add meaning to my life.

Another person's rage does not add meaning to my life.

Another person's anger does not add meaning to my life.

Responding to another person's rage and anger detracts from my life.

I refuse to give someone who thinks only with hate, power over my time and allow them to detract from my life.

While it's not up to me to determine who I bump into on this journey, I do determine how I respond and ultimately I decide who I allow on my bus.