Pour Some Gesso on Me!

I’m at that point in a painting where I want to dump a gallon of black gesso onto its surface and start all over.


Here’s the thing, I go through that with every painting. It’s a given that I hit a stage where I just hate it, hate the colors, hate the texture, hate how rough it is, and think it’s never going to get to a point where I’m happy with it.

Then I push through it, add another layer of paint, maybe some glaze, more white here, a little green here, maybe a little yellow, and soon enough it shapes up to  be closer to where I want, and then a little closer until I’m happy with it.

The problem starts when I don’t push through that barrier. If I let it go and stop working then I lose momentum and soon enough I’m staring at that crappy unfinished painting on the easel that lack clarity and mojo.

I’ll press on but I need a break from the painting but tomorrow I’ll be back at it.