Flickr Find Friday: VicandWilliam

The title of this one is Austin Borders. I am pretty sad to see Borders go bankrupt. It was one of the first mega bookstores in the area where I went to college. I've met up with friends and dates in the cafe. I've spent hours studing and drinking coffee at the Bangor, Maine location.


Anyway, Borders closing makes me sad, Vicandwilliam serves up a poignant journal page.

For what it's worth, I also frequented the local book shops in Bangor, ME. Lippencott and Bett's Books were 2 favorites of mine, I would frequently find great deals on used books in their shelves, I think I paid about $10 (in 1997 money) for a used copy of the Apocrypha. Does anyone remember the name of that place in the basement on a backstreet in Bangor, where the guy had every issue of PlayBoy in his used magazine sales rack?