Morning Walk (in pictures)

This AM I got to work early. My typical hour long commute lasted a mere 30 minutes and I arrived to work a full 30 minutes early. I decided to drive up to the Sudbury River Valley recreation lands, specifically to Heard Pond, which is literally out the back door from work and are part of the swamp I’ve been mucking about in during my breaks at the DayJob.

I got to watch the last of the sunrise over the pond and the fog lift and it was really really wonderful to watch. It reminded me of nights I’d spend at the family camp on Schoodick Lake in Cherryfield, ME and I’d watch the same process. It never gets old.

I need to remember to wear proper gear. After 2 minutes near the pond my chucks and jeans were soaked. Well worth it.


I took a few pictures, some of which capture the fog lifting, I’m still figuring out how best to capture that so I’ll be forced to travel back to the pond and try and figure out the best settings. (A small part of me wonders how the hell do I capture that fog in paint???)

The walk was worth it, wet shoes and all.