More Cricut Hacks (aka eff you ProvoCrap)

Way back in 2009 or even further back I picked up a copy of Make the Cut a fabulous software that let me control my Cricut craft cutter. I was able to cut anything I wanted and items of my own designs. Awesome.

Well that was fun, until Provocraft decided they didn’t want third party software controlling their machines. Then sued the makers of Make the Cut. Make the Cut was tied up in court for years. Googling the company shows several lawsuits. Eventually the software was locked down and the code needed to make the software able to work with the cricut was locked out. If you upgraded your copy of make the cut past MTC 4.1.0 it can’t be hacked to work. You also need to install the pccplugin which you have hopefully saved on a thumb drive somewhere.

Make the Cut is now abandonware. The developer has allowed the site to come and go it is currently up and you can download the software, though there are reports in the forum that the new serial numbers no longer work. The forum and site are up now, I was unable to get any assistance from the owner for getting my reg key. I used their automated system and it did not work. I also have not received an answer via their support ticket system. According to several users on the forum, the user has not responded to anything on the forum for over 5 years at this point (writing this 12/2020).

If you have access to the computer you had Make the Cut installed on you can use these instructions to attempt to retrieve the registration code. I was able to successfully reboot my nearly dead old laptop and pull the code out. Then I emailed it to myself AND saved the MTC4.1.0 installer, pccplugin, and reg code to thumb drive. This will get stored in a safe place and I’ll also back these files up to the cloud. And you should to.

I’ll update my old posts about MTC. Apparently now you need to use Sure Cuts a Lot, but I do not think it can be hacked to work with the crapcut. Again I salute Provocrap with a middle finger salute. We should be able to use the Crapcut with any software in the same manner we use a printer.

Use these links at your own risk:


An no I will NOT send you copies of this stuff. I’ve provided the links, follow them.

Please read the comment section of t his post closely for the information you are looking for. Other readers have posted info.

Seriously READ the comments section.

The info in this post pertains to the ORIGINAL CRAPCUT NOT THE NEW EXPRESSIONS 2. Don’t even ask. It won’t work. Provocrap has blocked ANY outside software from working with the crapcut. Why? Because they suck.

If you bought an expressions 2? Sell your machine on eBay and get one of the machines listed on the MTC website.

Google make the cut 4.1.0 look for a page on TUMBLR. You will need to download MTC 4.1.0 and install it. After that download and run the plugin installer. These are items 1 and 2 on the tumblr page. (No I will not post a link to it, you can work google.)

You will also need to purchase MTC from MTC. You need the serial number to use the software. Don’ be a cheap ()&%^&$^&*% asshole. Seriously. The software is $80, or 2 carts at full price or 4 carts on sale. BUY THE DAMN SOFTWARE. What you just downloaded is NOT THE FULL SOFTWARE, you need the serial number. SO BUY IT. /rant

 When you plug it into your computer it WILL NOT CUT IF you don’t have a cart in the machine. For it to cut, plug in a cart, any cart, it doesn’t matter.

So for those of you who have been coming here for my cricut hack post and then noticed… I never updated about it again… Well, I was very disappointed to find out that ProvoCrap sued the creator of Makes the Cut. Sigh. ProvoCrap forced them to disable the use of cricut on their machine. Apparently ProvoCrap hasn’t noticed that many other companies, like you know, Sony, Apple, Nintendo, Atari etc did a little thing called “software licensing” where they forced companies to BUY a license to manufacture add ons for their products. Everyone wins. The company that sells the machine gets money and the company that sells the software makes money and most of all the consumer gets innovative products. ProvoCrap fails to see that.

Now if my Mom hadn’t bought me my cricut as a gift (shortly after her heart surgery) I’d shelve or sell the damn thing and buy a machine that isn’t crippled by it’s manufacturer and allows me as an artist to create my own designs without fear of being sued or threatened with lawsuits or “damage to my machine.” There are no issues with 3rd party content damaging machines, what a ludicris idea! Unless of course, provocraft has installed somethign on the machine to damage it IF I dare use 3rd party content. That being said I’ve been using Makes the Cut with no issue, and I will continue to do so.

Here’s the meat of my post: If you have a cricut, hack it. Screw provocraft. Seriously if you do buy a cricut, buy Makes the Cut and hack MTC so it works and don’t buy another damn cart again. It can be done. And it’s not hard. I am not posting publically how you can do this, as provocrap now sends a cease and desist to everyone who DOES leave the information out there. So, feel free to google the makes the cut hack, and for god’s sake don’t update your cricut firmware. Or do and then sue provocrap for embedding disabling software on your product.

As for blades: You can buy Roland brand cutter blades on ebay for about $2 to $3 a blade- which is a lot cheaper than buying the provocrap blades. Also, provocrap can’t sue Roland, they made these blades long before provocrap started to make the cricut. Maybe Roland should sue cricut for copyright violation. Also, good luck with provocrap shutting down the Chinese vendors of those blades.

Mats not sticky anymore? Start off by washing them with warm soapy water and then letting them dry. That will remove some of the fibers sticking to it. You can also buy a glue remover and glue system. This seems tedious, and I attempted to buy a bottle of it from a seller on etsy only to be screwed out of my money. It’s a spray glue system which of course smells bad. However, this company has a good reputation.

The best resticking option that I’ve seen so far, and has rave reviews actually uses one of my favorite glues- Zig 2 way. I usually buy the pen tip but it comes in a big mammoth pen now and the suggestion is that you wipe off the large pieces of lint with a wipe, let that dry, apply the ZIG, let that dry and then cut away. You can find this ZIG all over the place but here’s an eBay search. Zig glue is awesome.

I’d like to see a holder made for the cricut that holds a regular exacto blade. It wouldn’t be hard- a dowel seated inside another dowel so it can rotate, the interior dowel would swivel inside the housing and have a channel cut into it to hold the blade, a set screw would hold the exacto in place, and another screw on the top would adjust the blade pressure. (Someone get on making that and send me one.)

Here’s a picture for provocrap:

Finger for provocraft

67 thoughts on “More Cricut Hacks (aka eff you ProvoCrap)

  1. GERT

    Does anyone know a torrent for MTC?????? I have SCAL … I WARN People in Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and EVERY CRAFT STORE I ENTER … DO NOT UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE!!!!

  2. Judifosterart

    Love the sentiment…..but aren’t you concerned with your ONLINE IDENTITY! LOLOLOLOL Your honestly is one of the things I like about you! Provholecraft sues everyone……they make me sick.

  3. Yeom4668

    I would LOVE to be directed to MTC or a working copy of SCAL! I waited to download the program and then found out they no longer supporting Cricut… Thanks so much!

  4. Cbelle23

    Just stumbled upon your site here while I was searching for a way to cut what I want on my crucut. Like you, my mom bought me my cricut and I can’t seem to part with it because of that. Besides, if I’ve got the equipment already, why buy something else…
    Could you possibly clue me in to the best version of MTC to google?

  5. Lea Ann

    I found your site searching for cricut hacks. Could you email me info on how to hack Makes The Cut or give me a little more guidance on how to find a safe torrent of the correct version? I would really appreciate it!

  6. spartacus

    Hi, I’ve just acquired a Cricut and am a little late to MTC. Can someone email me info on how to get the Makes the Cut version that is compatible with the Cricut Expression? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

  7. Catherine

    I, too, am late with the program here. I would like to pull my cricut out of retirement and use it, but refuse to give them any more of my money. Can you please email me the info on how to hack it with MTC software? I went to that site and they said the software is no longer compatible with Cricut. Thanks!

  8. KT

    I have an older Cricut Expression and SCAL installed and working so I am ok. However I have two friends who were “gifted” Cricuts in the last year and I know they are gonna have problems. I have my older version of SCAL I don’t mind sharing with them but then
    there is the problem of registering it to get it to work, right?

  9. leslie herger

    @KT I suspect you will have issue with registration but Im not sure. Do they even make SCAL anymore? I know you could have 2 copies going on 2 computers but they couldnt be used at the same time. I dont know much more about it.

  10. Ss

    I’ve had a cricut and now selling it. Hello Silhouette.. Provo hasn’t jumped on board with the Information Age and realized folks can’t afford these rediculous cartridges, and who wants to keep up with all that. Good grief, we’ve move to iPads instead of carrying laptops. What does that say…??? Hate when companies make decisions le this. Sorry prove, folks just don’t have to keep up with cartridges. We want to spend money on paper, vinyl, blades and create things.

  11. ElAs

    Thanks for the posts and tips. Please can you tell me how to check which firmware version I have. I’ve just found out my Mum got me a cricut create for xmas on ebay (only paid £60 for a new machine so hoping it’s old stock) as it’s only use was to create my logos. Provocrap sucks.

  12. ElAs

    Thank you Leslie … so I have v1.50 HURRAY and need v1.51 to use scal2. I downloaded v1.51 firmware file .. is it possible to tell me how to replace this file? Thanks

  13. David

    I use a Crapcut and my computer, works very well. Any one know if it is possible to remove the firmware of a new cutter to then reinstall an old firmware version? Possibly remove a bios battery and short the capacitor?

  14. Vivian Nguyen

    I’ve just bought a cricut expression 2, and have MTC v3.2.1, but I can’t make them work together.
    Would you mind help me to solve this case? Is it too late to hack a cricut machine? Huhu
    Pls, I want to cut my own design, but I can’t do that with this machine 🙁

  15. GiGi

    Dear Leslie,
    Thank you so much for the info!
    I noticed that the last post is
    2011…any updates for hacking the
    now restricted MTC into the cricut?
    We all really appreciate your
    ProvoCrap info…bunch a creeps!

  16. GiGI

    Dear Leslie,
    I just realized I was reading
    the post in reverse..
    Blonde moment! 🙂

  17. leslie herger

    The last version of MTC that could be hacked was MTC version 4.1.0. Google  MTC 4.1.0 and youll find it for download pretty fast.

  18. laura

    hi does anyone know where i can obtain a copy of MTC v3.2.1? or is willing to share with me?? have googles and cant find it anywhere …

  19. leslie herger

    check some of the comments before yours, there are updated versions that will work. You will have to look for a torrent site.

  20. Libby

    PLEASE help!!! I purchased a Cricut Expression.. I have no cartridges, I use it solely hooked to the computer via the craft room.. (I have purchased some digital cartridges) My firmware is v2.43- Is there ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, to download on my computer so that can create something without being stiffled? Some of the stuff is fine but I want to create something that isn’t COMPLETELY cricut.. I’ve never hacked anything in my life.. lol.. I’m an old fart and I’ve tried to learn from your previous posts what to do but I’m just confused.. can you help me???

  21. leslie herger

    Buy a copy of Makes the Cut then google makes the cut 4.1.0 and look for a post on tumblr. It contains links to MTC 4.1.0 and the file you need to make that version of MTC work.

  22. Tina2014

    I have v. 4.1.0 and have been using it a while….the “hacked” way of course…lol

  23. Debbie Jones

    Did you get any help with the cricut expression 2? I have one and it sits unused but my husband bought it for me and I don’t have the heart to tell him its useless for me.

  24. leslie herger

    all the answers to any questions are in the comments hre. Google Make the cut 4.1.0 look for a post on tumblr, it is the only one I saw that has a safe download and is still up. Tumblr does not care about copyright law. (I tested the download myself, scanned, downloaded and used, no issues) after that you should be able to use your cricut with your computer.

  25. Debbie Jones

    Leslie, I have an expression 2 and I cannot find anything in the comments below that will work with the expression 2 – can you email me and tell me what I can do if you know? I am so pissed off about this expression 2 and it has been sitting now for over a year not being used but my husband gave it to me as a gift and not even sure I can sell it because someone else would have to be able to register it?

  26. leslie herger

    the best I can tell you is to Google
    Make the cut 4.1.0 look for a post on tumblr, it is the only one I saw
    that has a safe download and is still up. Tumblr does not care about
    copyright law. (I tested the download myself, scanned, downloaded and
    used, no issues) after that you should be able to use your cricut with
    your computer. At worst it wont work, and best it does. If it does work, let me know. I need to write a new post about the cricut.

  27. Debbie Jones

    Hi Leslie,
    That is one of the sites that when I try to download my vipre blocks it – is this the one you meant? It worried me because my vipre blocked the download
    And are you saying that I would be able to use this with the expression 2? Because on that page it says it does not work with the expression 2. I’m so confused

  28. leslie herger

    I can’t tell you if it does or does not work with the Expression 2.
    that is the download I used (I took the link down because provocrap monitors this and I don’t want them to send a cease and desist.)

  29. Jessica

    Thank you so much for posting this. I know it’s been a while since the post originated and I feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the comments. I was successful in downloading all of these items on my computer and MTC is asking me to update my firmware for my “Mini”. Does this mean I need to find an updated plugin instead? I’m so lost with this. I have been dealing with this #provohellstrosity for over a year. “Mini” is out of warranty now, so I’m not entirely too concerned about that aspect. Thanks 🙂

  30. leslie herger

    sounds like you need to plug the mini into the computer and then get the right firmware for it, the firmware is the stuff on the actual machine that runs it, versus MTC which tells the firmware what to do.
    I don’t know anything about the Mini but generally when you need to update firmware it means the drivers and what not on the device.

  31. michelle

    sorry to bug you about this, i dl’ed the proper version software for mtc but i can’t seem to get rid of the X when i have a print preview before cutting. i have a valid serial # also.

  32. TMan

    Helpful website. Thanks!

    I just picked up the Criiicut Imaginee. I read somewhere that this process won’t work with it, so we’ll see.

    Totally ticks me off that the machine is *capable* of printing any SVG file (within reason), but Provocrap won’t allow it. Craziness.

  33. GrannyBetty

    Thank you so much for this post! I am so ticked off with Provocrap! I bought the Expression 2 and it SUX that I can’t create my own designs and cut them… NO – you have to buy there outrageously prices CRAP!…. It’s like they are intentionally making us upgrade to the Explore… Well, they can explore the inside of my colon while their bending down to kiss my arse!

  34. Arnel Baraquel

    Makes me want to slam this cricut expression 2. useless machine.

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  36. Curious Panda

    So I have the Cricut Explore Air, and was wondering if the blades you’ve mentioned above from Roland on eBay are compatible. The blades from provocraft cost an arm and leg for just 1 blade that won’t last very long.

    I didn’t mean to bring this post up after 2 years or more. Just hard to find a post with informatives 🙂

    Thank you !

    1. lessherger

      So long as it uses the same blade housing as the other Crapcuts they should work.

  37. Kristina Timmons-Silvasy

    This is off topic but I’m looking for the pen adapter for expression 1&2 please help, google was useless

    1. leslie Post author

      There aren’t any. You can build up mini gel pens and other mini markers and pens with layers of duct tape and or paper to fit into the holder.

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