More #DoNotPin Garbage

So pinterest has released a small snippet of code that you can embed in your website/blog that blocks the pin it bookmarklet. This is good news. I was really worried I was going to have to watermark all my images here on the old blog . I was really not interested plus, I think it looks like butt. However, it leaves my thousands of images on Flickr vulnerable to being pinned. I really wish that Flickr woudl take a more proactive approach toward it's members who would like to be protected from tumblr and pinterest, especially since it's so damn easy.

Instead I'm headed to Flickr and finding my most often pinned images, there are a few dozen of a journal I shot back in '08 that get pinned and tumbled, you'll probably recognized them. Each one is getting a discreet little "" The pain in the ass of this is that I have to open each one up on picnik to edit. Picnik is slow. It means I'll be scouring pinterest looking for my images (if I can bring myself to do it.)

I really think that pinterest should have a one click "hey this violates my copyright" button, no forms, just a click. It should be easier.

Here's one of my images I've had to ruin with a watermark:

image from
oh and another:
image from