Review: Fountain Pen Serwex 962

It has a chrome cap with a standard brass colored clip. The clip is springy and feels quite sturdy. It clips to the pen loop of my journal securely. I have managed to dent the cap already by letting it bang around in my bag.  The cap is relatively lightweight and for once I don’t mind it being posted. I don’t normally posts my caps so you may feel differently. The cap screws on securely with 2 full rotations. I polished my cap with a very mild polish and rubbed the brass right off the clip. I actually prefer this as I feel the clip now matches the cap.
The plastic of the pen does not have a high gloss but has a satin finish. The piston knob blends quite smoothly with the body of the pen. The piston was quite stiff at first but I found quickly loosened up after moving it a few times. It holds 1 ml of ink. There are is a large ink window around the pen just above the section. Where the ink window attached to the body of the pen is a sharp step up. I may sand this down to make the pen more comfortable but I don’t find that it rests on my finger uncomfortably as of yet.

The nib of this pen is the smallest nib I’ve ever seen on a fountain pen. It reminds me of a crow quill pen that we used to use in high school art class. It’s mini. It  was scratchy at first but I looked at it under magnification (iPod touch w/ macro lens) and aligned the tined and then gave it a quick smooth on a nail buffing stick. Perfection. It writes with good flow and is nice and smooth. I was surprised that it was so smooth with so little work. The nib is what I would call a fine. It’s not what I would call a wet writer but it’s not dry either. I also have it inked with Noodler’s Black which tends to have great flow.
The pen is very slim, about BIC stick size, so for me it’s not the most comfortable pen to hold and use. But I have found myself reaching for it continually since it arrived.

I think it is a great pen for sketching or writing.

I snagged a few new pens duing FPR’s recent 50% off sale on Serwex pens. I did not intend to review it but once I had it I figured why not?