People get entrenched in the art establishment, afraid to take a chance on something new or different from what they already do. Instead they want to tear down anyone who thinks differently or works outside the box.
I’ve been told already that my personal experiment is worthless, been done before, and has little value.


It’s hard to brush all this off and tell myself that these people don’t get it and are stuck in the mud of their own thinking. Or this.  Seth Godin calls this lizard brain thinking. I prefer to call it tethered thinking. It’s where a person is so attached to a particular idea or system of doing things that they are unable to see outside of the circle of their tether. Around and around in a circle they go never reaching out further than the length of their tether. At the perimeter of the circle is a rut so deep that even should they get off their tether surpassing the rut would be difficult.

No one ever said shaking up the system was going to be easy or comfortable.

The tether and rut are what we’re up against.

I’m asking for your help to push me over my own personal rut.

You can do it here.