have one of those days where you have a day where you are a complete
and utter space cadet? Mhmm I’ve been there all weekend.

had a fabulous day planned with a friend on Saturday and I had one
chore- go buy wood pellets for our main source of heat, and right now,
only source of heat for the house. And I completely and totally forgot
to go. Yeah. We got home from lunch and coffee in the city and I didn’t
even realize that I’d forgotten to go until C mentioned we only had one
bag left. That left me scrambling to find another place that sells them
on a Sunday. Around here the places that sell pellets tend to be small
family run places that aren’t open on Sunday. I called around and found a
place that was open on Sunday and sells them cheaper than the usual
place. The silver lining to this mush brained cloud is that the new
place is on the way to Artist and Craftsman. Which completely gives me
an excuse to go and buy more art supplies… Not that I need

still working on the JF365 Challenge over on AJ ning. If you haven’t
had a chance to check it out, we’re going into chapter 2 and the pages
from chapter 1 are really nifty. There’s lots of great work and the
group is really supportive. get the book and work through it with us! Flickr_2012_12_21_07_59_59_MODE_1_1_JAVA_2