Open to Challenge

A few days ago I wrote a little post called “What is it?”
Basically asking what is art journaling. I’ve been asking this question on my
FB as well. I wrote it because I like the fact that my idea of art journaling
is constantly being challenged. I’m open to the challenges and thinking about
the different ideas others have about art journaling.

I know that what I do is a little different from what
many of the people on my ning site do as their art journaling, and I’m okay
with that. In fact, I think it’s what makes the site so great. We’ve got people
just jumping off the scrapping ship and into the messy creative world of art
journaling. I like to see them have their creative muscles awakened and their
brains made active with art.

Part of the reason I’m so open to the challenges and ideas
of so many different types of art journaling is that I think that the more
people who are creative and enjoy creativity the more likely we’ll see an
opening for creativity to become more valued in our society. Because, let’s
face it, outside of a few isolated pockets of art communities, most people will
tell you they don’t get art. Or worse yet, that they see no value in art. Which
makes me sad. What gives me hope is to see so many people (over 4600 as of this
writing) engaged in a practice that is about pure creativity.

Sure, I’d like to see more people doing the hard work of
journaling in their journal, asking themselves tough questions and then
striving to answer them no matter the answer, but for now I’ll take the win of
more people being creative with art.