Review: Sargent Watercolor Magic Liquid Watercolors

picked these up ages ago on a whim at Artist and Craftsman. I got a 6
pack of colors- red, yellow, blue, green, violet and black. One ounce of
each color in a squeeze bottle with a flip top. Some of the colors are
labeled with their name, others are not. The 6 pack is not available on
their website, but the 4 ounce bottles are about $3 each. I think I paid
about $7 for the 6 pack. Not a bad deal for wanting to try out the
colors. For those of you who are metallic freaks, they have a line of
these with loads of shimmer and metallic goodness, also inexpensive.
good, the color is intense and concentrated. It slathers on the page
smoothly and blends well. The colors in my box eloquently named red,
yellow, blue and violet mix to make a variety of other lovely colors.
They also blend when a wet brush is applied over a dried area of paint. They suggest that you can mix them with up to 4 parts water to extend them. I like them as is straight out of the tube. So bright!
do not need to be shaken, there is no sediment in the bottom of the
bottles. This tells me that the paint is dye based and not likely to be
lightfast. This is fine for my use in an art journal but I would not use
it on work that I’d be selling. Like spray inks? These could go into a
spray bottle without fear of clogging.
great thing about these is that they are so easy to use, a few drops on
a palette and a damp brush later you’ve got loads of bright vibrant
color. They are also very inexpensive so you won’t feel guilty about
buying them and using them.