The First Piece

is my first piece in my series of images based around self-doubt. I
started by writing a journal entry about my self doubt. I then washed
over it with a large watercolor brush and clear water. This blurred and
moved the water soluble ink around the page. I used a watercolor pencil
to add a border around the edge.

made some copies of a self-portrait I’d made for my JF365 Challenge. I
colored them all one color with liquid watercolors. I glued these down
then added a piece of washi tape I’d colored yellow over the black and
white stripes. The face represent myself and the warning tape represents
a feeling of danger. The sheep represents what I call sheep brain. I
layered in some gelatin printed paper and a tea tag.

I added colors and lines radiating out from the sheep to show the influence of sheep brain on my thoughts.

I intended to take more progress shots as I worked but got caught up in the process of journaling.

The image measures 5×7 inches and is available on my etsy shop here.