A Little More on this Self Doubt Thing

A little more on this self-doubt thing.
could trace it back and say that it’s because of this “big thing” i
have dangling over my head, or I could trace it origins back to my
Chipin campaign. It went well. I was way behind schedule due to a death
in my family but it went well. But the whole thing, the whole time, I
thought I was going to screw it up. I put myself out there and was well
received. Through all of that I figured that I would in some way screw
it up. I’d do something that would foul up the works. I’d screw up a
piece of art, send one to the wrong address, or something else.

I finished everything and sent it on it’s merry way.

Still that nagging voice of self doubt, different from my inner critic said over and over, “This won’t work, you will fail.”
think we all have that voice of self-doubt in our mind. Maybe it’s the
inner critic, or the voice of a parent, a teacher or co-worker. Someone
has given voice to our doubt, and that voice sticks in our mind. It
plays on repeat, over and over and over again, until we figure out that
the little orange circled arrow thingy on our iP0d is what is making
that song play again and again.

real question I have to ask myself, and you possibly need to ask
yourself, is. how do I stop that loop? What can I change? What can I say
or tell myself?

thing is I know that even with work my self doubt will never go away.
It will diminish, but I have to give myself time and put forth effort to
quiet the voice of doubt.