The Second Piece

This is the second in a series of images exploring self-doubt.

image started as the last with some journaling, written with a
noodler’s Ahab flex nibbed fountain pen. I focused my writing on the
self doubt surrounding the “big thing” that I have coming up*, hopefully
in May. I also wrote about how the impending change is affecting my
feelings around how people will perceive me. I worry that people will
think that my work is inauthentic.
I wrote I came to the conclusion that as long as my work is from the
heart and my mind that the work will be authentic no matter the content
or direction I explore.
blurred the writing with water. I decided to be literal with my images
and colored photocopies of a heart and brain with watercolors. When
these were dry I cut them out and glued them to the page. I added layers
of color around the 2 collaged pieces with colored pencils and
watersoluble crayons.
took one of my sheep stickers colored it black and stuck it in the
middle of the brain. A rather literal representation of sheep brain. I
also added a tea tag to the heart. I added a few more colors, picked out
the yellow crayon to get the color a little more intense and added some
white crayon between the blue rays.


The image measures 5×7 inches and is available on my etsy shop here.

had to censor a few spots in the initial written part as there were
some parts about the “big thing” that I cannot reveal publically YET.