The Third Piece

This is the 3rd page in a series where I explore self doubt.

keeping with the goal and theme of these pieces I started by writing a
journal page. This time I used a vermillion watercolor pencil. I pressed
into the paper harder in some areas and lighter in others. Overall I
tried to keep a stream of consciousness method of writing as I
considered the various issues connected with self doubt.
and mind continued to be a theme with this writing but this writing
focused more on the heart aspect. To blur and blend the color I added
water to the page with a large wet brush. As the color moved around the
page I saw 3 darker areas. I created 3 darker circles of darker red in
these areas. I then allowed the page to dry naturally. I chose a
photocopy of my heart image and used a Chartpak blender marker to
transfer the image to the dried watercolored page. I then layered
various shades of blue colored pencils around the heart, as if radiating
out. The radiating lines stopped and I used watercolors to highlight
and illuminate one of the remaining red circles. the writing is still
visible in the illuminated area.
wanted the area around the blue to be darker so I layered some liquid
watercolor over the top of the colored pencil. I used a paper towel to
remove the excess. An interesting thing happened, in the areas where the
writing hadn’t dissolved fully the colored pencil lifted off. Leave me
with the texture of the writing being visible through the radiating
lines. It’s an interesting happy accident, I’ve often said that writing
will illuminate and lift up the darker parts of our mind and heart, and
here by accident that occurred.

The image measures 5×7 inches and is available on my etsy shop here.