A few Weeks

I’ve had a few weeks. Even without an adjective in that sentence you
know what I mean. Part 3 of the big thing is coming to a close, I’ve got
14 days (10 shifts) until I’m no longer employed by the large multi-national
corporation where I’ve been working of the last 10 years. As the day
approaches I’m getting nervous, but in that excited kind of way. As with
any amount of change things are weird at work, and  I’ve used my
journal to think things out and well, I’ll leave it in the journal.

got over 10,000 words written in “My Headlines and Stories,” and I’m
super excited in how it’s shaping up. I’ve started to flesh out areas
that need more explanation and I’ve even started some of the
demonstration images in my Stillman & Birn beta spiral bound
The paper in it is just right for some of the techniques. I
can’t wait to really get into shooting pictures and videos for each of
the techniques. It's going to be kinda awesome.

started the required reading for my first class, and I’ve got 7 books I
have to read between now and August 19th. Holy wow. The great thing
about this required reading? It’s completely validating and backing up
everything I’ve ever thought about art journaling and my personal art
journaling practice. I can’t wait to share all the stuff I’m learning
here on the blog.

Exciting times ahead, that’s for sure.