Summer Reading List

Some of you asked about my summer reading list. The majority of these books have nothing to do with art journaling per se, but they do have a lot ot do with the process vs product nature of the practice.

Introduction to Art Therapy: Sources & Resources
Art Therapy Sourcebook (Sourcebooks)
Art Heals: How Creativity Cures the Soul
Introduction to Counseling: Voices from the Field (purchased)
Art As Therapy: Collected Papers
(not yet purchased)

Also included in the list:

DSM-IV-TR (not yet purchased)

APA Manual (purchased)

Of course, I probably won't read the DSM or the APA manual, they are reference books, not really things you sit down and read. But I have to have them on hand for classes and writing. Saying I have 7 books to read over the summer is a tad bit of hyperbole, I amend that to 4 with several chapters out of another.

Reading Introduction to AT was interesting as it reaffirmed some of the beliefs I hold about art therapy. The book is an overview of the history of art therapy and as such was rather boring, but it's a great reference for grasping what art therapy is all about.

These links lead to an Amazon page for each item. I am an Amazon affiliate so if you decide to purchase one of these books through my links I could be paid a small amount.