27 Covers and Counting

The covers freshly cut from signs.
These banners were all about 3 feet high and 8 feet long. One was only 1.5 feet high. They had brass grommets about every foot and a half which really screws up with my ability to use ALL the poster. I can either cut 3 inches from each edge or cut covers from between the grommets. I chose to cut between the grommets.image from www.flickr.comInterior pockets, with ID tag sewn in. I use a jig to keep placement of the tag similar on each pocket. The tag is first temporaily glued in place then permenantly stitched in place. After stitching the extra thread is removed then seared with a lighter.
image from www.flickr.comThe pockets start as a 5.25×8.25 sheet of old cardstock poster. The poster has a top corner folded over. These pockets are then temporarily glued in place then stitched to the covers. I use a zig zag stitch for strength.
image from www.flickr.com27 finished covers including 3 that are not perfect. I will hold off on stitching the seconds for awhile. These covers have some neat patterns created not only by hte images on the posters but the text that appeared on the posters.
image from www.flickr.comI have a few more covers to stitch up before I even get to the task of adding paper to these covers.