Handmade Journals

finished a few books from some covers I’d made years ago. I had
forgotten how much I like bookbinding. It’s really relaxing. Anyway,
these books feature a sturdy soft cover made from an old advertising
sign. The cover is vinyl. The paper is a heavy duty cover stock, almost
cardstock weight but slightly lighter. Each book has a pocket in the
front and the back of the book. The pockets are stitched in place with
quilting thread. The books are bound with super sturdy and tough hemp

style of journal is one of my favorites. I’ve used them extensively to
take notes at my old DayJob, creating tough notebooks of reference
information. I have one that is over 7 years old, and the cover has only
gotten better looking with age. Bumper stickers stick to these
notebooks incredibly well.

Anyway find them on my etsy shop here.

Oh yeah, this paper? Great with fountain pens.